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Mechanical processing
medium / large in size


With many years of experience in the heavy and precision mechanics sector, OMV is able to satisfy various needs that the customer offers.

Thanks to a constant updating of the machinery, we operate with care and competence in every field of heavy mechanics, with particular dedication to medium / large size mechanics: from turning to milling, from deep slotting to overhaul.


Mechanical processing
precision: turning .


The turning department is structured so as to be able to carry out all the required orders covering a dimensional range that varies from the small diameter up to a diameter of 1200 mm. for a length of 2000 mm. < / strong>


Subtractive work:
milling .


We have vertical 5-axis, 5-axis continuous machining centers and turning and milling centers.


of internal surfaces:
slotting .


The slotting department makes us very proud, as we are able to work quarries ranging from 3 mm. to 100 mm. for a length of 1000 mm. in addition to processing unified or special scanned profiles.


mechanical processing
precision: rectification.


The grinding department requires maximum precision, therefore OMV has equipped itself with useful machinery to complete all the processes that require important dimensional and geometric tolerances for both external and internal diameters.


Adjustment : a team of
qualified professionals
always by your side.


The adjustment department is made up of highly qualified staff with many years of experience who carry out all those tasks that require artisan and manual skills. The same staff is also qualified to carry out welding and assembly operations.


Quality : The OMV philosophy
is conformed to the concepts
of quality and flexibility.


Progressive quality checks are carried out at all stages of preparation, from the procurement of materials to the work progress stages up to the final testing.