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The new DMC 125 FD DUOBLOCK in Officine OMV

A new machine enriches Officine Omv in 2022!

We are talking about the DMC125 FD DUO BLOCK developed and produced by DMG MORI: With the 4th generation duoBLOCK series, every piece will become a masterpiece!

Here are the main features:

  • Milling and turning in one clamping with DirectDrive Table and speeds up to 500 min-1
  • Improved surface results through the integration of grinding technology
    Highest component precision thanks to completely water-cooled feed drives
  • SGS: Spindle Growth Sensor for spindle growth compensation
  • Significantly improved temperature monitoring
  • Fast and extremely compact rotary pallet changer for set-up in masked time as standard
  • Also available in milling/turning version
  • powerMASTER motor spindle with 1,000 Nm and 77 kW
  • 5X torqueMASTER with 1,800 Nm and 52 kW